Vinyl Essentials

OK, you have a turntable, but how do you know how it is performing?  A very common and often overlooked problem, but here we have everything you need.  If we have missed anything, please let us know.


Stylus force gauge analogue

A tiny and very easy to use gauge made out of pure aluminium.  You may not be able to set to 0.0001gm, but you will know that it is accurate !

Our price 18.00

Stylus cleaning

This will keep your stylus clean.  Remarkably, even extremely expensive cartridge manufacturers recommend the Audio Technica AT607.  It comes in a bottle with a cleaning brush, nothing else needed.  It is made in Japan to extremely strict standards. 

We use this at shows about every hour to clean the stylus, absolutely essential !

Our price 9.95

Anti Static Brush from Furutech

It has been known to all those concerned with high end audio  for many years now that by removing electrostatic charge from records and CD's improvement in sound quality can be realised. But until now removing electrostatic charge has always been a costly exercise, both in time and money. Developed by SFC of Japan, the patented electrostatic brush SK-II has arrived brought to you by Furutech. This revolutionary product, so simple to use, will change your listening for good.  Experience the product that has become such a great hit among Japanese high-end audio fans.

How it is made: Natural Goats hair surrounded by thicker strengthening acrylic fibers. Only the natural fine goat hair is exposed to any disk media and will not damage or mark in any way. By using electrically conductive acrylic fibers that have been coated with copper sulphide and binding them together with a metal band, when both sides of the metal band are held during use, a corona discharge results; thereby removing static charge from media and charged dust particles. The acrylic fibers have been set back 15mm from the tip of the brush and their chemical coating absorbs positively charged copper ions. The structure of these electrically conductive acrylic fibers (40 denier, thickness 69.3 microns) is patented (#1677237).

We were sceptical about this, very sceptical!  But it works and we use one every single time we play a record and so should you.

Our price 109.00

 Spirit level for the turntable

Pure and simple, no stainless steel or gold, a simple sprit level.

Our price 18.00


 Spirit mini level for the headshell

So tiny it can rest on the headshell to make sure your headshell and arm are correctly set up.  Quite essential.

Our price 12.50


Record cleaning brush

Carbon fibre. Effortlessly removes unwanted dust, dirt, or small particles from your vinyl records, whilst effectively reducing any static charges.  This pulls dirt out of your records unlike some velvet cleaners that push it to the bottom of the groove!  This is the superior Clearaudio one.

Our price 20.00

 Clearaudio Strobe disc and 300Hz light source

This is the best there is, running at 300Hz you get much better accuracy than 50 or 60hz strobes.  The disc has groves in it, so you can put the cartridge on the strobe disc and set the speed under loaded conditions.  We use one on everything we sell.  If you want the best, you have to own this set.

Our price 160.00

Key Strobe 50 - 60 - 300 Hz 300Hz light source

We think this is the ultimate strobe, arguably better than the Clearaudio. 

You can download a 33 1/3 rpm 300Hz test disc from Seb by clicking here

You can download a 45 rpm 300Hz test disc from Seb by clicking here

You can download a 78.26 rpm 300Hz test disc from Seb by clicking here

Our price 46.00


Record weight -

Weight III  STB-MS is the original vinyl stabilizer produced with innovation concepts. It is composed by detachable 10 parts and its weight is changeable by the number of the weights for your best timbre tuning
Our price 225.00


Turntable platter mats

Mat 1: A black elastomer "donut" on top of the white full-size foam base reduces vinyl/stylus feedback and eliminates lateral slippage, while drawing static electricity away from the record. Unique qualities allow the vinyl to "give" slightly  with stylus contact, allowing the record groove to be tracked smoothly and accurately. Completely non-tacky, records lift right off the mat, while the underlying foam sticks firmly to the platter. This 3.7mm thick mat virtually eliminates the effect of platters that can be prone to ring.

285mm Sl-1200 version Our price 89.95
292mm for the SP-10 and other Japanese turntables Our price 89.95
295mm Standard version Our price 89.95


Mat 3: The original turntable mat, Oyaide “MJ-12”, is designed to trace the groove on the vinyl absolutely. The surface of MJ-12 is curved 1.0 degree which makes the record surface closely fit to MJ-12 by using a stabilizer (more than 300g is recommended). This corrects the warpage of an analogue record and makes the stylus moving stable.

Furthermore, on the highly rigid aluminium disk coated by hard-alumite treatment, there are tuning holes which are arranged in spiral pattern for effective vibration attenuation. MJ-12 gives the whole new expression power to your turntable and you can hear the new sound pieces in your favourite analogue records.

This unique and 0.7Kgm mat is ideal fit for the SL-1200 as the lip fits perfectly. We also use it on our SP-10. It gives extra mass and a complete elimination of any platter ringing. When you see it, you will want it!

Oyaide “MJ-12” 499.00 and UK postage free. 


Mat 5: Inheriting the shape of MJ-12 above, it is made of butyl rubber which has excellent vibration damping properties. Due to its high friction coefficient and grippy material, it enhances the adhesion with the vinyl surface and ensures stable vinyl playbacks by its anti-slip property. Tungsten, which has almost same specific weight with gold and known as anti-vibration material, is mixed into butyl rubber which has excellent low-repulsion force and vibration absorbing property. The tapered structure angled 1.0 from centre circle to the edge for correction of warping. 18 of tuning holes are arranged in spiral pattern for effective vibration attenuation.

This remarkable mat has a small undercut "lip" so that although it is a full 295mm diameter and hence will hold a 12" record properly, it will fit on a SL-1200, SP-10, Garrard 301 - 401 and any other turntable.

It comes with a really rather nice Stroboscopic disc and overhang gauge too.

Our price 90.00 

Clearaudio Cartridge and arm alignment gauge

This is for the diehard purist.  You can set up any arm and any cartridge.  A thing for the enthusiast only. We use one to set up every turntable we do. It's very simple unlike some! 185.00  If you want the best, you have to have this!

Our price 185.00 


Cartridge Stabiliser & De-resonator

A soft copper Cartridge Stabiliser that adds mass to your arm allowing the better use of the Denon DL-103 series when using  normal headshells.  7.8g (3mm thick) and 3.1g (1.2mm thick) available, so you can have  3.1, 6.2, 7.8, 10.9, 14.0 and 15.6g.

1 off 24.95,  2 off 34.95, 3 off 44.95  free UK postage.

A Carbon Fibre cartridge de-resonator that actually works. Unlike the boy racer carbon effect, this is the real McCoy!  This beautifully formed device tightly couples your cartridge to your headshell dissipating and thereby suppressing any nano resonance's.  14.95


Test records

Clearaudio trackability (315hz in increasing steps) and also one complete side of 3.15khz for wow and flutter measurement 50.00
Clearaudio 'Break In' (pink noise endless grove) 50.00
Clearaudio CA-TRS-1007 a remarkable copy of the pivotal JVC TRS 1007  50.00
Dr. Feickert's Adjust+ 7" test record, download the iPhone/iPad software for free!  15.00

Allen Keys clamp

These are long arm ball ended allen keys.  They allow you to tighten up screws even if you can't get the key straight into the hole.  They are essential to fit most tonearms, without them you may simply be unable to secure your new tonearm properly.  Included is the elusive 1.27 essential for Linn and other arms, B&Q/Homebase do not stock these!  Sizes are 1.27, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, and 10mm.

Our price 15.00





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