SME 230V Europe/UK to 110V USA voltage conversion


Remove the 4 screws


Remove these 4 screws


Remove these three screws


Prop the cover up so as not to disturb or put pressure on the umbilical cord ribbon cable


Find the 6 fuse covers, marked here in red, yours will be plain, remove them all


Here are the two fuses used for 240V in 1 and 2 position


Remove ALL the fuses


These are the fuse positions  The fuses are T500mA


Fit fuses in F1, F2 and F5 position for 110V  you will need an additional T500mA fuse


Refit all 6 fuse covers

Carefully re-assemble taking care with the umbilical ribbon cable, if necessary push in in lightly for a snug fit

Remove the 220V sticker


Dave Cawley   Monday April 01, 2013