Timestep - Technics SL-1200GAE EVOke

We have garnered quite a reputation for our intelligent (and fully sanctioned) modifications of various iconic Technics turntables. Now, designer Dave Cawley turns his attention to the SL-1200 GAE deck and comes up with yet more cannily-crafted advancements in the form of the new Timestep EVOke. Like its predecessor the EVO, the new EVOke takes a new Technics deck, makes a number of smart revisions then adds an excellent quality tonearm and cartridge to deliver a superbly engineered ‘turnkey’ turntable package.

Early in 2016, Technics launched a brand new edition of the SL-1200: the SL-1200 GAE. In its native Japan the first several hundred models built sold out within minutes. In March 2016 we were already hard at work on  measurements and modifications, having been approached by Technics who invited us  to do so.

The measurements we achieved simply stunned us and have since been backed up by HiFi News and HiFi World.
It approaches the legendary SP-10 MKIII (the MKIII is way better than the MKII), think Continuum Caliburn turntable but without the £150K price tag !

The excellent new Timestep EVOke is the result. A Timestep-Technics tour de force, but hang on, why modify a brand new deck that’s already flying off the shelves? The standard Technics SL-1200 GAE, while superb, cuts costs in two areas: the tonearm and the power supply.

The new SL-1200 GAE is the culmination of 45 years of research by Technics and now, in its Timestep EVOke form, delivers a stunningly high measured performance at an affordable price.

The Timestep EVOke ready to go out of the box! 

The Timestep EVOke


The EVOke PSU features audiophile grade components, the gold-plated power connector is made by Furutech and the DC connectors are both gold-plated Neutrik.


The "captive nut" fixing allows arm
plates to be swapped without taking
the turntable apart.

Attention to detail, the Timestep power supply’s cable exits the SL-1200 GAE via a custom-made adapter plate



Arms & Cartridges:

The Standard Arm is a derivative of the Japanese only SL-1200 IV and a bit of a let down.  We now recommend the SME V with its tapered magnesium armtube.

We suggest the Audio Technica AT-33PTG/II with its gold-plated solid boron cantilever, or any of the Mijima range. . 


Arm plate:

The original arm plate has been replaced by new anodised plates available in silver or black.  The correct VTA will be obtainable whatever thickness of mat is fitted. It is a composite sandwich design that also has better energy dissipation.  They have taken a long time to design and represent the ultimate Technics arm plate, expensive, yes!  but you only get what you pay for! 


Power supply:

As for the power supply, the EVOke replaces the SL-1200 GAE’s internal switch mode with an external linear PSU designed by Timestep. While the SL-1200 GAE’s power supply is very quiet a number of reviews have mentioned a ‘haze’, which our modified supply removes. Constructed with supreme attention to detail, the Timestep power supply’s cable exits the SL-1200 GAE via a custom-made adapter plate; the gold-plated power connector is made by Furutech while the PSU connectors are both gold-plated Neutrik.



Technics SL-1200 G turntable £2,995 (Technics only supply the G in silver)
SME V tonearm £3,993
(this is an upgrade from the IV and is now our only recomened option)
Tonearm mounting plate £90
(allows fitting of any 9” SME tonearm)
Audio Technica AT-33PTG/II MC cartridge £419
Timestep PSU £495
Total cost of fully finished turntable package  £8,192
  (as above, plus £200 fitting cost) (built to order, allow 4 weeks)


Timestep EVOke  Turntable : ready to go out of the box ! or we modify your own

Complete turntables ready to go or we modify your own.  You can chose the options and we simply make it for you. 



•  Hi Fi World review of the EVOke click here to read it.


Notes from the web:

What HiFi 8 July 2016:  Why spend £2700 on the Technics SL-1200GAE turntable when you can spend double that on an upgraded version aimed at audiophiles? Enter the Timestep EVOke...
The best Technics deck ever made? Timestep would probably say so. Not least as Technics has already told What Hi-Fi? it believes the SL-1200GAE is a huge upgrade on previous '1200 models.

Tone Audio 8 July 2016 (Geodff Dorgay):  I have one of Dave Cawley's standard Timestep upgrades on an SL-1200 and it has completely transformed the table. Using it with an SME V arm and Koetsu Jade to excellent effect. This man knows what he's doing with Technics!


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