Timestep Shunt T-01PSU External Power Supply Unit 

The Timestep HE II PSU addresses nearly every issue with the SL-1200 PSU.  With it's ultra low noise and instantaneous  60A peak power capability it should be good enough for anyone. For most people it is more than enough, but for the very few who insist on the best at any cost, then the T-01PSU is for them.

Shunt regulators are somewhat magical.  And this one is no exception as it uses no transistors at all, just FET's.  The advantage of this Shunt PSU is that as the motor current varies, the current taken by the PSU stays constant, and hence does not reflect via the mains cable into modulation of other devices.  With Gold Neutrik XLR sockets mated to Gold Neutrik XLR plugs, two SL-1200 series turntables can be used (requires additional optional power cable). The power cable to the SL-1200 is 33% bigger than the standard HE.

Shunt regulators usually have a constant current demand from the mains power input.  This minimises the disruption to other sensitive components.  In static measurements the HE and other similar PSU's measure very well, but the knock on effect cannot be ignored or easily measured. 

How does it sound ?  Well, see the paragraph above, but generally all the glorious pitch stability is still there, the speed of the bass and everything you have learnt to expect from a modified Technics is all there.  But there is a certain fineness and subtlety that adds to the overall additional micro detail this Shunt PSU gives.


  • Circuit design: Dave Cawley & Alex Nikitin

  • PCB design:  Dave Cutts

  • Output sockets : gold plated Neutrix

  • Output cable plug: gold plated Neutrix

  • PCB: Double sided, plate through, solder resisted, screen printed

  • PCB track thickness:  2oz heavy copper

  • Class : Shunt

  • Reservoir capacitor bank: 16 Panasonic FC

  • Output current feed: 8 Panasonic FC

  • HE capacitors: Wima

  • Transformer : 200% oversize cored toroidal, custom wound, inter-winding screen, silicon band shielded

  • Shottkey diodes : x 4 Vishay

  • Regulator output/shunt FET's: IRF 14A

  • Gold Neutrik XLR connectors

  • 33% bigger power cable (compared to the standard HE PSU)

  • Size : 215mm wide, 95mm height, 390mm deep (including connections and knob)

  • Weight 4.0KG

  • PNP - NPN transistors : none

  • Op-amps : none

  • Integrated circuits : none

  • Integrated regulators : none

● Price including UK VAT  995.00

10 June 2013

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