Timestep T-609  T-610  T-612

For many years Timestep often sold more SME tonearms that any other retailer in the world. However times change and we wanted a modern tonearm that would work well with the low compliance cartridges now in use. We also wanted lower bearing friction, silver wire as standard and absolutely no aluminium or magnesium armtubes.

Low to medium mass tonearms have their roots set in the 1980's when moving coil cartridges were only just beginning to catch on.  The SME IV and 309 are derivatives of the V that was initially designed in the very early 80's and at that time high compliance moving magnets were the norm.   But cartridges have changed in the last 35 years, Koetsu, Transfiguration, Miyajima and many others require a high mass arm and the SME is at best only a medium mass arm.  This new high mass Timestep arm was developed a couple of years ago using modern technology, washed ceramic bearings, silver wire, titanium armtube, full PTFE & gold base connector, the list goes on.  The Timestep arm is not a 35 year old design, it is a new and cutting edge design.

Many poor compromises were struck in the 80's to accommodate the new moving coils, but the best audio performance was usually still with the high compliance moving magnet cartridges of the era. That was about 35 years ago and some tonearm manufacturers have never changed; but time has moved on and hence we started to look for tonearms with a high mass that were specifically designed to excel with moving coil cartridges. 

Our quest took us all over the world and finally we found an easily affordable high performance solution from an OEM manufacturer in Western Europe. We were able to take the legendary Japanese Fidelity Research FR64S and its DNA combined with cutting edge technology to produce the new Timestep tonearm.  Unlike many, the armbase connector does not use a lossy plastic dielectric as for us only PTFE and gold are good enough. Another world wide hunt ensued until we found a company willing to make the PTFE and gold connector that we now free issue to our arm manufacturer for our Timestep tonearms.  We made many other significant changes and now this specification tonearm is unique to Timestep.

  Low resonance
  High mass
  Titanium armtube
  Stainless steel bearing block
  Frictionless magnetic anti-skating
  High precision, washed hybrid ceramic ABEC 7 horizontal and vertical bearings
  SME type detachable headshell
  Silver wire
  PTFE and gold tonearm connector
  SME and Linn/Jelco armbase option
  Many headshell options
  Many tonearm interconnect cables available
  9", 10" and 12" versions compatible with all SME and Japanese/Linn pivot to spindle alignment

  T-609 The 9" version can be used in many applications and we prefer it to both the SME 309 and SME V.  This version is eminently suitable for new SME, Avid and Michell turntables and to upgrade many others. 
Effective mass 26g  Pivot to spindle 214mm

  T-610 The 10" version fits many classic Japanese turntables and outperforms the discontinued SME 310. 
Effective mass 28g  Pivot to spindle 240mm

  T-612 The 12" transcription version is recommended for the Garrard 301, 401, TD124, L75 and many others.  We think it's better than the SME 312S and the SME V12
Effective mass 29g 
Pivot to spindle 290mm

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Prices: 9", 10" or 12" Tonearm (less; mount, headshell and interconnect cable) 1,450.00

Jelco/Linn Japanese type mount/collar 49.95
SME sliding mount 149.95
Headshells range from about 10 to about 300
Tonearm interconnects range from about 60 to about 2,000
All prices include 20% VAT


Timestep T-01HS Ebony Wood Headshell  Silver Wire 15gm

You can of course use any headshell on our arms and they start at just 9.99, but for the ultimate performance we suggest  the T-01HS.  We developed this for those looking for a more organic sound with their Miyajima, Koetsu and other low compliance cartridges. There are other wooden headshells out there but they are often lightweight examples.
The T-01HS is CNC machined from a solid block of Ebony. You can see the structural size of the wood and the 15gm weight says it all.

The azimuth is adjustable to allow for individual settings for each cartridge in your system.

The T-01HS comes with a set of 4 pure silver headshell leads. Each of the 4 leads is custom made from 4 fine silver solid core wires and wrapped in 100% pure silk cloth which is one of the best insulation materials for cables. The cartridge push on connectors are made from the highest quality phosphor bronze and then silver plated.

The Timestep headshell will fit any tonearm with a SME fitting.  It will produce a more organic sound and has been measured by HiFi World to significantly reduce arm resonances.

Price : 145.00


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